Rita Vinieris - Alyne & Rivini 2018 - Bridal Fashion Week

Alyne & Rivini Collections 2018 By Designer Rita Vinieris Bridal Fashion Week

Video by David Berman for SocialNetwork.com

Music Anyway Gloria - The Wedding Song Rex Banner - Good Old Days Milton - City of Lights Noise

Your body is your temple Individuality | Positive Energy | New Traditions

Inspired by the multifaceted modern woman and her versatile nature in today's world, the silhouettes this season are new and diverse with a relaxed yet sensual couture ease. A mix of luxurious modern fabrications either lightly skim or effortlessly sculpt the body with active wear accents. The simplicity, gentle grandeur and fluidity allows women to express their individuality in a new-relaxed, contemporary celebration of love. - Rita Vinieris

Casting Director... Nelson Vercher Original Music (not used online due to rights limitations)... Johny Lanniello Hair... Nelson Vercher for Rita Hazan using Rita Hazan products Makeup... Fawn Monique using Aveda Beauty Nails... Yukie Natori Spa Dressers... Stephanie J


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