Affordable Transcription Services From GMR Transcription

Just about any transcription resource can promise to meet your most demanding deadline requirements. But increasingly, you need a company that is redefining what transcription service is all about - with letter-perfect accuracy, industry-specific comprehension, innovative technology and a fierce dedication to quality. So before you choose a company, ask yourself: •Does the transcription company provide seasoned professionals who truly understand your industry's terminology - whether it's legal, financial, digital, and academic or media oriented? •Are they an established national company with a proven history of transcribing for the federal and superior court systems, stock market analysts, small business, even a presidential library? •Are they totally dedicated to quality assurance with 100% American-based transcriptionists who can interpret the intricacies and grammar nuances of the English language and don't send your confidential work projects overseas? • Can they come through for you when you need massive conference notes, speeches, forums, or a legal deposition transcribed quickly - in hours? For all this to happen GMR Transcription is the exact solution. Headquartered in Tustin, CA. Apart from this; we have two other business locations, New York and Atlanta.

 Published by Beth Worthy

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