FAQ - FashionFest Frequently Asked Questions

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What is FashionFest?

It's an outdoor contest to find talented people. There will be four photoshoots. We'll organize teams for each shoot. There will be a winner in each of these categories: FashionFest (#fashfestcontest) is an outdoor fashion festival. It's comprised of four group photoshoots and an concluding ceremony.

What are the prizes?

The prizes include a trophy and certificate for each category winner, but the real prize is bragging rights. There are no prizes of monetary value.

How do I sign up for FashionFest?

You can register here.

When are the photoshoots?

You can see the schedule here and join our Facebook group.

How much does it cost to register?

Nothing. There is no fee to participate.

How old do I need to be to participate?

You must be 18 years or older to participate. You will need to show ID.

How will the winners be decided?

Winners will be decided by our judges. Judges will select winners based on the photos from each week, and their observations during the photoshoots, as well as feedback from your teamates. There will also be an "Internet judge" - so your friends and family can vote for you. There will be winners for each photoshoot as well as an overall winner for each category at the end.

Do I have to participate in ALL the photoshoots?

No. You must participate in at least 3 to win though. You should not register unless you plan to attend at least three.

I'm a model. Do I need to sign a release?

Yes. When you register, you'll be agreeing to our terms and conditions which includes a model release. This release allows us to publish your photos on social media sites and our own website(s). It lets all the other participants include the photos in their portfolios too. You'll also need to sign a release in person when you first attend a FashionFest event.

I'm a photographer. Do I have to give you my pictures?

If you participate in FashionFest you will retain all ownership and copyright of your pictures. However, the objective of FashionFest includes creating a commercial portfolio for everyone involved and promoting FashionFest itself.

You will...
  • upload your best unwatermarked photos from each shoot to this site
  • give us permission to publish those photos on this site, SocialNetwork.com, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and other sites
  • give permission to the models to use the photos in their portfolios including websites owned by modeling agencies
  • give us permission to use your photos to promote FashionFest and its participants and sponsors
  • give us permission to give a copy of the photos to the hair dresser, makeup artist and designers for their portfolios and marketing materials
  • include a clearly visible credit to FashionFest by SocialNetwork.com and Two Flash Photography wherever you display your photos from the events

You will not...
  • forfeit or assign your ownership or copyrights. Your pictures remain your pictures.
  • obstruct the picture with a watermark in the middle. The pictures need to look good.